art shows

Art Shows

photographs by Evan Hartzell


de tin marín/curated by Francesco Siquieros

ebb and flow/curated by Nick Peters

el sol/curated by Gustavo Leclerc

b&w sunsets/curated by Eva Nathanson

skateboard/curated by Brendan Murdock

monome 40h/curated by Brian Crabtree and Kelli Cain

the firmest ground/curated by Michael LeBuffe

summer fades /curated by Jona Frank

‘blaze /curated by Shelley de Soto

‘bee /curated by Swami Arupeshananda

santa monica sun /curated by Samuel Dylan

volvo /curated by Harry Gamboa Jr.

lemons and grapes /curated by Mary Hartzell*

‘mary’ /curated by Salomon Huerta

photonovela ‘the den /curated by Evan Hartzell

‘belleza atómica’ /curated by Barbara Carrasco

wonder /curated by Laura Dern

‘replications’ /selector Joseph Lee


Gold /curated by Laura Alvarez